Music video for "Under Shades" performed by Change!

Video directed and edited by Kenneth Daniels
Produced by Aaron McEoy
Filmed in Napa, California, USA
Aaron McEvoy
Natalie Rodarte
Robinson Kuntz
Jayne Gonzalez
Anthony Salvini
Keri Joanne Martin

Music Video for "Dangerous Fruit" performed by Change!

Directed and edited by Kenneth Daniels
Produced by Aaron McEoy
Filmed in Napa, California, USA

Aaron McEvoy
Robinson Kuntz
Jayne Gonzalez
Anthony Salvini

Music available on iTunes and more.

Music video for "Going Glowing Gone" by Change!

Produced by Aaron McEvoy
Filmed by Robinson Kuntz
Edited by Kenneth Daniels

Soy (I Am) is a hip hop music video.  It was shot at 720p/60fps.

Directed by Kevin Ramos and Kenneth Daniels
Edited by Kenneth Daniels
Filmed by Kevin Ramos, Kenneth Daniels and Jaime Lopez
Beat produced by Jay B for
Performed by Income Bent (Saynt Francis, RCane and OtherJesus)
Filmed in the Napa Valley and American Canyon, California

Music video for "Strange Lover" performed by The Brilliant Focus (available on iTunes)
Starring Danielle Hedden

Filmed and Directed by Andrew Kent
Second Camera by Devon Hughes
Editing by Kenneth Daniels
"Strange Lover" written and performed by Kenneth Daniels

The Fighter video has a bittersweet story. It's a music track that I produced and performed on with Saynt Francis and Rcane. We had access to the ruins in American Canyon, off the beaten path in the Napa Valley and we had plans to start early in the morning to take advantage of the daylight. We had some set backs with the director getting the camera rig and not only did we miss most the daylight but we ended up filming the video on an iPhone 5. In retrospect, we should have waited and shot the video another day but I'm a believer of first takes and "in the moment" creativity, so we went for it. The iPhone 5 had just been released and while the quality isn't up to professional standards, I'm still happy with how it turned out for what we had to work with in the moment.

Producer: Kenneth Daniels
Executive Producers: Saynt Francis and Rcane
Directed by: Terrance Banks and Kenneth Daniels
Music producer: Kenneth Daniels
Music performance: Income Bent (Rcane, OtherJesus and Saynt Francis)

Steppin' On Mah Swag performed by Saynt Francis
Available on iTunes
Directed by Shootrr with Kenneth Daniels
Contact: @shootrr_tpk
Edited by Helder Pedro Contact:
Music produced by Kenneth Daniels

Here it is, in glorious 360p!  The first real music video I ever made!  It's a spoof on the very famous Amy Winehouse song, "Rehab".
It's called "Halo Rehab" and it's about being addicted to the very popular video game Halo.  I grew up playing video games, starting with the Atari 2600, I even beat the imfaous E.T. game as a kid!  My good buddy helped me work the story board and we filmed it using a ridiculously old Sony Handycam because that's all we had at the time.  It turned out well and got a modest 47,000 views on YouTube back in 2008.

Filmed and Directed:  Kenneth Daniels and Johnny Morales
Video Editior:  Kenneth Daniels
Song performed by Kenneth Daniels